Destiny Screenshots

Destiny on Playstation 4 was the first game on a non-Nintendo console I really invested a lot of time into. It was the first game I can remember playing that combined FPS elements and RPG elements into a single game. I faintly remember playing the demo, and I did not fully understand the game. But upon playing it a second time, I found the mechanics of the game very appealing, and the graphics looked great considering it was released about a year after the PS4 was released. I started playing after Bungie made the game less of a grind, and that no doubt made it easier to get into.

I wish I had more screenshots during my play through, because I had some geniuely fun times playing online with friends, but these four screenshots are all I have. The first screenshot shows my favorite ship in the game. The second screenshot is from the Hangar in The Tower during sunset, and you can see I had equipped an auto rifle that I wish I could remember the name of; it made the Crucible a lot of fun. The third and fourth screenshots are almost identical, but the fourth screenshot shows an emblem in The Tower that indicated when Xur was in The Tower.

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