Debian/Ubuntu Preseed Documentation and Working Examples

Published October 14, 2015 • Updated June 2, 2018

Debian/Ubuntu’s Preseed is not the easiest thing to understand. Having used Red Hat/CentOS Kickstart Profiles for so long, trying to setup a Preseed file for the first time was an extremely uninviting process.

Ubuntu has support for using Kickstart Profiles, but it isn’t as full featured as Preseed, and I have encountered plenty of edge cases where Kickstart Profiles do not work for provisioning Ubuntu systems.

I currently spend a lot more time with Ubuntu than Red Hat or CentOS, so all I can do is try to better understand Preseed.

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Create a KVM Based Debian 7 OpenStack Cloud Image

Published April 7, 2014 • Updated May 13, 2017

At the time of writing, unlike Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, and Canonical, Debian does not create and distribute OpenStack cloud images. It is up to you to create your own. Debian now does create and distribute OpenStack cloud images. They can be found here.

I have seen steps using packer templates or virt-builder to create Debian 7 OpenStack cloud images, but I have not seen a step-by-step manual process to understand how it all works.

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