More iOS Photo Sync Options and Really Connecting the Photo App to iCloud

Published July 27, 2013 • Updated June 14, 2017

I have a lot of photos organized in folders on my computer that I would like on my iOS device. The easiest way to sync these different folders onto iOS is to use iPhoto or Aperture, but I don’t have iPhoto or Aperture and I don’t want to use them. I’ve never liked an application importing all of my photos into a database; I prefer the flexibility and simplicity of the file system to manage my photos. iTunes is an option, but it only syncs one folder and the next level of folders within that one folder. The folders I want to sync are organized throughout my Pictures folder. The only option I have is to copy each of the desired folders into an “iOS Sync” folder and sync the contents of that folder within iTunes. A simple solution but it causes redundant data.

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