Find All Shared Files in Google Drive with a Python Script

Published January 3, 2018 • Updated October 18, 2018

Google Drive makes it very easy to share files. You can easily and securely share files to anyone with a Google account or to anyone else by creating a shareable link that is accessible to anyone that knows the link. The shareable link contains a 33 character random string, so it’s very difficult to guess the URL if you are worried about someone other than your intended recipient looking at the shared file.

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Use Google App Engine and Python for Inexpensive Domain Redirects

Published March 6, 2017 • Updated January 10, 2019

This blog has existed under a few domain names:,, and, now, didn’t exist for very long, and never had many - if any - backlinks to it; it didn’t make sense to keep those URLs alive. However, did exist for a longer period of time, and it had URLs I wanted to keep alive.

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